Antique prints of European and British subjects and by European and British artists.
From the sixteenth through nineteenth century.


The British have a long tradition of producing views of their landscape, towns, and buildings.


Britain’s history is long, as is the history of prints showing that history.

Caricatures & Humorous

British humor is popular worldwide and it has a long history in prints. From the political cartoons of Cruikshank to the gentler humor of Rowlandson, these prints are delightful and attractive.

Genre & Costume

Prints of family scenes, daily activities and the dress of both the high born and working class make for attractive decoration.

Classical Themes

Prints showing subjects such as classical decorations from, for instance, Etruscan pots, to theatrical and literary subjects by authors like Shakespeare.

Vanity Fair

The weekly magazine Vanity Fair provided full page caricatures of famous men and women of the day, images which both capture their subject’s personalities and provide delightful images for decoration or collecting.