1.  Two Jodocus’s and a Henricus
5.  A land bird who made maps of the sea
9.  His maps may not be by him
10.  He improved Ogilby
11.  His sextant mapped the Saxon lands
13.  Golgotha
14.  First in Tooley’s hand book
16.  The Philosopher said movement was unreal; the voyager’s movements were unreal
17.  Detroit and New Orleans were first placed by this island
19.  This projectionist had to get it straight
20.  A publisher, with and without Bennett
21.  The whole man in Nuremberg

2.  Raised the curtain on the World stage
3.  The Court at Versailles could walk into his world
4.  A clever father and son
6.  First to merge Classical Egypt and the New World
7.  A fisherman by another name
8.  Tooley says it was a jazzy map of Turkey
9.  North America in 20 sheets and 1
12.  This ‘gal’ showed beavers at the Falls.
13.  English County Zip Code?
15.  This Philadelphian embellished maps with relish
16.  An Italian who copied Mitchell
18.  Geographer to Queen Anne