Antique maps of all parts of the world, from the sixteenth through early twentieth century


Maps of the entire world from sixteenth century on. Some of the most decorative and desirable of all antique maps.

Western Hemisphere

Maps of North and South America from its first discovery to the early twentieth century.

North America

Maps of the North American continent, including Central American and the West Indies.

South America

Maps of the South American continent.


Maps of the entire continent of Europe and all European countries and regions.


Maps of the continent of Africa and all its nations.


Maps of the continent of Asia and its countries, including the Middle East.

Oceans & Oceania

Maps of the oceans of the world and their islands.


Maps of the North and South Poles, Antarctica and the Arctic.


Maps of the heavens, including the moon, stars and constellations.


Maps with an added pictorial element to the underlying cartographic rendering, mostly from the twentieth century.

Mythical Geography

Maps showing non-existent cities, lakes, rivers, islands, mountains ranges, and other such mythical features.