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  • Christ Showing a Little Child

    Christ Showing a Little Child


    After Benjamin West. “Christ Showing a Little Child as the Emblem of Heaven.” London: Valentine Green, 21 June, 1807. 25 1/2 x 35 1/4. Mezzotint. Lovely and rich original hand…

  • Sparking



    Francis William Edmonds. “Sparking.” New York: American Art-Union, 1844. Engraved by Alfred Jones. 12 7/8 x 16 7/8. With hand color. Very good condition.

  • The New Scholar

    The New Scholar


    F.W. Edmonds.”The New Scholar.” New York: American Art-Union, 1850. Engraved by Alfred Jones. 7 1/4 x 10 1/4. Paper darkened and some repaired tears and light stains in margins.

  • Krimmel's Returned from Market

    Krimmel’s Returned from Market


    John L. Krimmel. “Home Scene-With Presents/ Returned From Market.” Premium print from The Eclectic. Ca. 1850. Mezzotint, with engraving, by John Sartain. 9 1/2 x 13 3/4. Excellent condition. Naeve,…

  • Bargaining for a Horse

    Bargaining for a Horse


    William Sidney Mount. “Bargaining for a Horse.” New York: American Art-Union, 1851. Engraved by Charles Burt. 7 3/4 x 10. Very good condition.

  • Octavo Mexican News

    Octavo Mexican News


    Richard Caton Woodville. “Etching of the large Engraving of MEXICAN NEWS one of The six plates for the Number of 1851.” Frontispiece for Bulletin of the American Art-Union. New York:…

  • William Sydney Mount's Coming to a Point

    William Sydney Mount’s Coming to a Point


    William Sydney Mount. “Coming to the Point.” New York: William Schaus, 1855. 19 1/4 x 23. Lithograph by Soulange Tessier, Paris. Superb original hand color. Small (1/2 x 1/8) repaired…

  • Court of Death

    Court of Death


    Rembrandt Peale. “The Court of Death.” New York: G. Q. Colton, [1859?]. 15 x 26 1/2. Chromolithograph by Sarony & Major. Trimmed to image. Ref: Marzio, The Democratic Art, p.…

  • Thomas Cole's Voyage of Life-Youth

    Thomas Cole’s Voyage of Life-Youth


    Thomas Cole. “Voyage of Life-Youth.” Boston: B.B. Russell, ca. 1860. 15 1/4 x 22 1/2. Engraving by J. Smillie. Very light stain in left margin just touching image. Otherwise, very…

  • Bierstadt Sunlight and Shadow

    Bierstadt Sunlight and Shadow


    Albert Bierstadt. “Sunlight and Shadow.” New York: Emil Seitz, 1864. Chromolithograph printed in Berlin by Oeldruck V. Storch & Kramer. 22 x 18 1/2 (image). Chromolithograph. Signed and dated in…

  • Placeholder

    Frith’s Merry-Making in the Olden Time


    W.P. Frith. “A Merry-Making in the Olden Time.” New York: Thomas Kelly, ca. 1865. 32 3/4 x 20. Steel engraving by R. Whitechurch. Large margins. Very good condition.

  • hicksauthors

    Authors of the United States


    Thomas Hicks.  “Authors of the United States.”  New York: Thomas Hicks, 1866.  Engraving by A.H. Ritchie.  19 3/8 x 34 1/2.  Two very light, old vertical stains.  Very good condition…