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  • Vanity Fair Jules Grévy

    Vanity Fair Jules Grévy


    “The French Republic.” [M. Jules Grévy]  By T. From Vanity Fair July 12, 1879.  Chromolithograph.  Very good condition.

  • Vanity Fair John Roberts

    Vanity Fair John Roberts


    “The champion Roberts.” [Mr. John Roberts Jr.]  By Spy. From Vanity Fair April 4, 1885.  Chromolithograph.  Very good condition.

  • Sadler Patience

    Sadler Patience


    Walter Dendy Sadler. “Patience.” London: L.H. Lefevre, 1910. 11 x 15 1/4. Etched by Boucher. Signed in pencil by artist and engraver on faux vellum paper. With a remarque of…