1806 Brookes Gazetteer


Richard Brookes. Brookes’s General Gazetteer Improved . . .. Octavo. Philadelphia: Jacob Johnson, 1806. Small quarto. John Bioren, Printer. Xvi, 399ll. 8 maps. Full leather with original leather label on spine. Library labels of Woodbury Library, N. J. inside front cover. Traces of library label on spine, but tasteful. Ref.: Shaw-Shoemaker, 10038. Buck, 8. First American edition following the 12th. London edition. Walsh, p. 113 collates complete.

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A fine and extensive early Philadelphia gazetteer by a British author with detailed folding maps engraved by William Ralph and William Kneass and are the following:
“The World” after Arrowsmith
“Africa” after Arrowsmith
“North America” after Arrowsmith
“South America” after Olmadilloa/Malespina
“Asia” after Arrowsmith
“Europe” after Arrowsmith
“West Indies”
“…United States and part of Louisiana” after Bradley
All the maps use London for the prime meridian, except the U.S. map which uses Philadelphia. The U.S. map is a fine depiction of the country and the North America map represents Aaron Arrowsmith’s conception of the continent, both from just prior to information from the Lewis & Clark expedition.