A.B. Frost Baseball print, 1904


A.B. Frost.  [The Critical Moment.]  From A Book of Drawings by A.B. Frost.  New York: P.F. Collier & Son, 1904.  Halftone.  8 3/4 x 13.  Very good condition.

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Arthur Burdett (A.B) Frost is the most loved member of the school of American sporting artists that appeared towards the end of the nineteenth century.  His range of subjects included hunting, fishing, golf, and archery.  Born in Philadelphia at the middle of the nineteenth century, Frost grew up watching and participating in the sports he documented, becoming one of the greatest illustrators of sports in America.  His work captured the feeling of the sports, and included accurate details.  He is well known for the numerous drawing which appeared in books and illustrated newspapers.   This print was issued in 1904 in a work containing images after Frost.  It is a classic baseball image by one of America’s great sporting artists.