A.K. Johnston North America


A.K. Johnston. “North America.” Edinburgh: W. & A.K. Johnston, ca. 1848. 24 x 19 1/2. Engraving. Original outline color. Very good condition.

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An interesting map of the continent with erroneous borders reflecting the changing and confused changes around 1846-48. Texas is shown as part of the United States, as is “Upper or New California,” though the map also shows the Mexican-American border from before the war. The map includes a note below the title stating that the lands west of the Rockies between the Russian and Mexican lands is claimed by both Great Britain and the U.S., though a border is drawn separating the British north from the American south. This is not, however, the line that was agreed to in 1846, for this Scottish mapmaker shows the British lands extending down to the Columbia River! Topographical detail is extensive and clear. While Americans themselves were certainly unsure of how things stood at this time, even more so the cartographer in Edinburgh!