America On Stone


Harry T. Peters. American On Stone. [1931]-Arno reprint, 1976. Out of print. Quarto. Hard back. 415pp. Many illustrations.

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There are many reference works on Currier & Ives, the most famous of America’s popular printmakers, but there were many other firms who issued similar lithographs. This is Harry T. Peters’ work on, as he says, “The Other Printmakers to the America People.” The subtitle goes on to say that this is “A Chronicle of American Lithography other than that of Currier & Ives, from its beginning, shortly before 1820, to the years when the commercial single-stone, hand-colored lithograph disappeared from the American scene.” While there have been quite a number of works on other American popular printmakers, this is the only single work which covers the topic and it includes much information not available elsewhere.