Americas Cup training


M.J. Burns.  “Captain Haff Drilling The Crew For The ‘Defender’ On Board the ‘Colonia.’”  From Harper’s Weekly.  New York, July 20, 1895.  8 5/8 x 12.  Relief halftone.

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Beginning about the time of the Civil War, illustrated newspapers like Harper’s Weekly provided the American public with current and accurate pictures of the war.  These newspapers continued to document the events, scenes, and personages of the following years, with great popularity.  These pictures remain among of the best sources for lively, informative images of nineteenth-century America.  Photography was popular but difficult to publish, so these illustrations provided much of the country with its visual information about the events, personalities and places of the time.  Major artists were employed to do drawings on the spot, which were then turned into lively and detailed prints in an amazingly short period of time.  While originally issued in large numbers, few have survived the ages in good condition.  Perhaps the most popular topic for the prints are sporting events, at an era when many of these sports were just beginning.  These are interesting, historical and very collectible prints.  This image shows the training of the crew for the 1895 America’s Cup