Ancient Egypt


“Aegyptus et Cyrenaica.”  From Geographia Antiqua.  Being a complete Set of Maps of Antient Geography.  Beautifully engraved from Cellarius.  London: Rivington, Law & Norton, 1799.  8 x 12.  Engraving W.H. Toms.   Very good condition.

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A finely engraved map of ancient Egypt from an atlas based on the work of Christoph Cellarius.  Cellarius (1638-1707) was a classical scholar important for his breaking history into the ancient, medieval and modern periods in his influential Universal History. This map is from a late eighteenth century version of Geographia Antiqua, which provided cartographic depictions of various regions in Europe, Asia and Africa as they were situated in ancient times.  The intended use of the maps was explained on the title page of the atlas: “Designed for the Use of Schools, and of Gentlemen who make the Antient [sic] Writers their Delight or Study.”  These were among the most commonly studied maps of the ancient world and so had a large impact on the understanding of the period held by “modern” scholars and students.