Antelope Hunting: The Aldine


W.M. Cary. “Antelope-Hunting on the Plains.” From The Aldine. An American Journal. New York, February 1874. 8 7/8 x 11 7/8. Wood engraving by Maurand.


The Aldine. An American Art Journal was not strictly speaking an illustrated newspaper, but its prints were similar in process to those of Harper’s and the like. The Aldine (1868-79) was started as a house organ for a New York firm of printers, but became a general magazine devoted to art and typography under the editorship of R.H. Stoddard (1871-75). It was filled with wood engravings based on art by some of the best American artists of the day, including most famously Thomas Moran, after whose work thirty-nine prints were made. Many of these, and images by other artists, featured American western landscape, increasing the awareness among the public of the beauty of this region.