Arrest of a Whiskey Smuggler: The Graphic (Remington)


Frederic Remington. “Arrest of a Half-Breed Whiskey Smuggler by Canadian Mounted Police.” From The Graphic. London, June 28, 1890. 9 x 12. Wood engraving.

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Many events and subjects from the nineteenth century did not warrant the production of separately issued prints nor of published photographs. However, printed images of these events and subjects are, thankfully, available to us through the medium of the illustrated newspaper. These newspapers, usually issued weekly in England and the America, were made possible by the development of wood engraving as a practical method of print making. These publications, filled with current text and a multitude of illustrations, became extremely popular from their first appearance with the Illustrated London News in 1842. This paper was followed in England by The Graphic in 1869. This resource provides us with many images of all parts of the world in the nineteenth century, most of which would not exist without these papers. This is a fine example of the output of one of the two most successful papers in England.