Atlas Classique Vidal-Lablache


Paul Marie Joseph Vidal de LaBlache. Histoire et Geographie. Atlas classique. Nouvelle Edition. Paris: Librairie Armand
Colin. ca.. 1907. Phillips, Atlases, 53. Folio. Original boards and spine. 342 Cartes et Cartons, index alphabetique de 30,000 noms. Wear to spine. Boards have ink/water marks. Corners and edges of boards show normal wear. Interior good.

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Paul Vidal LaBlache (1845-1918) is given credit for helping to establish an entire generation of geographers in France. Vidal developed his own approach to geography, focusing on a regional method rather than a systematic one. His view was steeped in chorology. Vidal’s efforts came to be known as la tradition vidalienne. His publications included 17 books, 107 articles and 240 reviews and reports.