Axel Herman Haig Les Madeleine, Troyes


Axel Herman Haig. “Les Madeleine, Troyes.” 1904. 23 1/2 x 15 3/4. Ed: 250. A154.

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Axel Herman Haig (1835-1921), born in Sweden, was fascinated with the sea and ships and spent much of his youth sketching seascapes and building model boats. His love of the sea lead him to study shipbuilding but he grew tired of ship design and shifted to architecture. Haig was given the opportunity to design the residence of his employer in Glasgow, who was so pleased with the result that he got Haig a job at a firm that specialized in church design. Later Haig was employed by William Burges, a noted Gothic Revival architect, and he became one of the most noted architectural draughtsmen in Britain.