Bellin St. Lawrence River 1758


Jacques N. Bellin.  “Fernerer Lauf des Flusses St. Laurentz Von Quebec bis an See Ontario.”  From Allgemeine Historie Der Reisen Zu Wasser Und Zu Land.  Leipzig: Arkstee & Merkus, 1758.  7 1/4 x 11 1/8.  Engraving.  Very good condition.

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A well drawn map of the St. Lawrence River, Lake Ontario and Lake Champlain by Jacques Nicolas Bellin, the Hydrographer to the King of France, issued in a German edition of Prevost’s Voyages.  From about 1650 to 1750, the French dominated the cartographic world, with their fine, scientifically based maps, elegantly engraved and precisely detailed.  Bellin (1703-72) was one of the best in the later period.  This map shows the river from Quebec to the western end of Lake Ontario, and includes Lake Champlain and Lake George.  Topography is well presented, with rivers, lakes, and settlements clearly drawn.