Blaeu title page


“Le Theatre du Monde ou Nouvel Atlas.”  Amsterdam: Jean Blaeu, 1650.  Engraving.  Original hand color, with gold highlights.  16 x 9 7/8.  Excellent condition.


A beautiful title page from Jean Blaeu’s famous Nouvel Atlas.  The Blaeu cartographic firm of Amsterdam was started by Willem Blaeu at the beginning of the sixteenth century.  The firm soon grew to become the largest and most important cartographic publishing firms in the world, run by his sons Cornelis (until his death in 1642) and Jean.  The work issued by the Blaeu firm is known for their fine engraving, coloring and design, and have been called “the highest expression of Dutch cartographic art.”  This is a fine example of the Blaeu output.  An architectural form, topped by a cress, has figures of the four continents surrounding the title area.