Bonne Northern Brazil & Guyana 1780


Rigobert Bonne. “Carte de la Partie Septentrionale du Breseil.” From Atlas de toutes les parties connues du Globe Terrestre. Paris, 1780. 8 1/2 x 12 5/8. Engraving. Very good condition.

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An original, eighteenth century map of Northern Brazil, extending north into the Guiana Highlands.  It is by Rigobert Bonne, the Royal Hydrographer of France, whose his primary interest was in marine charts. However, with his Royal connections and access to the cartographic documents in Paris, Bonne was able to compile maps containing some of the most up-to-date information of his time. This map is a good example of his work, with impressive detail.  This map has a particularly interesting feature, “L. Parime,” which is a non-existent lake in the interior of Guiana, a remnant of the old legend of El Dorado.