Botero 1640 Asia


After Abraham Ortelius. “Asia.” From G. Botero’s Relationi Universali. Venice: I. Giunti, 1640. Copper engraving. 6 3/4 x 9 1/2. Strong impression. Very good condition.

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An interesting map of Asia issued in Giovanni Botero’s popular work on the nations of the world. The map is a re-engraving of a plate which first appeared in 1582. It went through a number of modifications, including the unusual engraved line which circles the continents on this plate, though the basic geography reflects the original rendering after Abraham Ortelius. This depiction includes surprising accuracies and also delightful misconceptions. The engraving is very strong and the calligraphy graceful. This is a fascinating map from the seventeenth century and a lovely Italian engraving.