Bradford Ohio 1842


“Ohio.”  From A Universal Illustrated Atlas.  Boston: Charles D. Strong, [1838]1842.  14 x 11 3/8.  Engraving by S. Stiles, Sherman & Smith.  Original hand color.  Very good condition.

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An original antique map of Ohio by Thomas Bradford.  This map was first issued in the 1838 edition of Bradford’s atlas, and this edition appeared four years later.  The map shows the social, political and transportation situation in the state at the time.  This was issued at a period of rapid growth in the state as its fertile land became an important farming center in the country.  This development was dependent on transportation of produce to the East, and this was facilitated by the building of canals and railroads.  This map nicely depicts the early transportation network that was so crucial in the history of the state.  Counties are named and indicated in contrasting shades, and rivers, lakes, and towns are precisely depicted.  The “Toledo Strip,” won from Michigan during the “Toledo War” (1835-36) is shown as part of Ohio.  A nice picture of Ohio near the middle of the nineteenth century.