A Pleasant Draught for Louis XVIII


“A Pleasant Draught for Louis or the way to get rid of a Troublesome fellow.” No credits, but London, ca. summer of 1815.  Etched “363” in upper right hand corner. 11 1/4 x 8 1/4 . On wove paper. Etching. Strong, bright hand color. Very good condition.   George, 12268.


An early nineteenth century British caricature of Louis XVIII.  He was the elder of the two surviving brothers of King Louis XVI, and after the first exile of Napoleon by the allies, he was appointed King of France, reigning as a constitutional monarch until 1824.  Here he is seen, fat and suffering from gout, wearing the Star of St. Louis, and holding a wine glass containing the reduced figure of Napoleon Bonaparte.  A fine print expressing the smug satisfaction at the political situation in Europe in the style of the golden age of British caricature.