Bundles for Berlin


Melbourne Brindle. “Bundles for Berlin. More Production.” 1942. 40 x 28 1/2. Color photo-offset.  Very good condition.


A classic U.S. Government Printing Office poster for World War II.  The government produced many dramatic posters to boost morale, encourage enlistment, and generally increase public support for the war effort.  These were printed in Washington, folded and sent out around the country.

This image shows men loading a bomb in the bay of a plane and it is by Melbourne Brindle.  Born in Australia, Brindle immigrated with his family to the United States in 1918.  His first job, at age 14, was as a showcard letterer for a San Francisco department store and for the most part he was self-taught.  Besides producing a number of images for war posters, he designed U.S. postage stamps and did illustrations and advertisements for a number of American magazines.