Catlin Antelope hunting (Swedish)


George Catlin. “Antilop-jagt.” [Antelope hunting.] From Nord-Amerikas Och De, Under Ett Attaarigt Vistande Bland De Vildaste Af DerasStammar Upplefvade Afventyr Och OdenĂ¢ Stockholm, 1848. Ca. 5 x 8. Tinted lithograph with original hand color. Very good condition.

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From a series of very rare Swedish prints based on the work of George Catlin. In 1841, Catlin issued an account of his travels amongst the Indians, Letters and Notes on the Manners, Customs and Condition of the North American Indians, and then three years later he had some of his paintings made into folio prints for his North American Indian Portfolio. A few years later, an abridged Swedish edition of his Letters and Notes was published containing 23 colored lithographs that were modified versions of the prints from the Portfolio. A similar edition after Catlin, in German, appeared in Brussels the same year. These are amongst the most unusual and rare prints after Catlin, issued within a few years of the original Portfolio.