Christ Church Cathedral Choir, Ackerman’s Oxford


F. Nash.  “Choir of the Cathedral.”  From A History of The University of Oxford, its Colleges, Halls, and Public Buildings.  London: R. Ackermann, 1814.  Aquatint by F.C. Lewis.  10 3/4 x 8.   Original hand color.  Very good condition


After David Loggan’s Oxonia, Ackermann’s History of Oxford is the best known of works on that great university.  The plates from this volume are justly respected as perhaps the aesthetically finest views of the city and its colleges, halls, etc..  They stand out for their excellent aquatinting and rich, subtle color through which detail and nuance are allowed to come forth.  This lovely print of is a good example of the refined and delicate work that describes this volume.  At the same time, it offers us a glimpse into early nineteenth-century Oxford, a glorious period for the university.