Chromolithograph from The Iris


C. Schuessele.  List of illustrations for The Iris : an illuminated souvenir for MDCCCLII.  Philadelphia, 1853.  Chromolithograph by P.S. Duval.  8 1/4 x 5.  Very good condition2


An early chromolithograph by P.S. Duval.  A French lithographer, Duval was brought to America in 1831 to work with Philadelphia print publisher Cephas G. Childs.   Duval was then the best lithographer in the New World, and he went on to form a partnership with George Lehman, and then his own company in 1834.  Duval was one of the first Americans to work with color printing, doing tinted lithographs in the 1840s, leading to his developing his technique for true chromolithography by the end of the decade.

His ability to produce attractive, colorful images at a reasonable price led to his work being in great demand by publishers.  This print is a chromolithograph that includes the list of illustrations in The Iris : an illuminated souvenir for MDCCCLII.  Most of those images were illustrations drawn by Captain Seth Eastman showing Indian life in and around Fort Snelling, Minnesota, and intended to accompany stories by his wife Mary.  The image here shows an artist producing a painting, while a woman reads in the foreground.