Colton Texas 1856


“Texas.”  From Colton’s Atlas of America.  New York: J.H. Colton. [1855]-1856.  12 1/2 x 16.  Lithograph.  Full original color.  Very good condition.

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An interesting and detailed map of Texas issued within a decade of its becoming a state, the only Colton map of Texas on one sheet.  This map is of particular note as it is has the panhandle attached to the state, unlike other issues by Colton and other nineteenth century publishers, which show the panhandle in a separate inset.  Topographical, political, and transportation information is accurate and graphically displayed.  Counties, towns, rivers, roads, and proposed rail lines are clearly indicated.  In the western part of the state, there are four large tracts indicated.  Two insets in the lower left show Galveston Bay and the Sabine Lake.  Each county is separately colored with strong pastel shades, making this a decorative as well as historically interesting map.