Cram Missouri 1883


“Missouri.”  Chicago: G.F. Cram & Co., 1883.  Wax engraving.  9 3/4 x 12.  Very good condition.

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A colorful, detailed map of Missouri from late in the nineteenth century century.  The George Cram Company was an engraving and publishing firm from Chicago.  In the mid-nineteenth century, the center of cartographic publishing was Philadelphia and New York City, but in the 1880’s this began to shift towards Chicago with the advent of the Rand, McNally and Cram firms.  These firms were noted for their efficient output of precise maps filled with useful and up-to-date political and cultural information, and details on roads, towns, and railroads.  The firm specialized in railroad maps during this period, and this one does show the roads and rail lines in Missouri at the time.