Currier Presidents


“The Presidents of the United States.” N. Currier, 1844. Small folio. Ca. 13 x 9. Showing Presidents from Washington to “President Elect” James K. Polk. With Washington’s portrait above a scene of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. C:4890.


A separately issued print by “America’s printmakers.” From 1834 to 1907 the firm of Nathaniel Currier and (after 1856) Currier & Ives provided for the American people a wide and varied gallery of prints for the new mass market of middle class society. The firm was the most successful American popular printmaker, issuing over 8,000 different prints. Their success was the result of their good business sense and their accurate instincts of what the American public wanted. Their images have become classics, capturing the life and times of nineteenth century America.