Daumier print of Second Italian War of Independence


Honoré-Victorin Daumier.    “Ils ont peur de l’eau…nous verrons s’ils craignent moins le feu!”  [They are afraid of the water… let’s find  out whether they are less scared of the fire!]   From Ces Bons Autrichens.  Paris: Charivari, 1859.  Lithograph.  8 7/8 x 10 3/4.  Some surface blemishes, but overall very good condition.


An image of Austrian soldier’s tentatively marching through a river (one has a crawfish dangling from his derriere).  This print was part of a series of 30 prints by Daumier concerning the second Italian War of Impendence, fought between the French Empire, allied with the Kingdom of Sardinia, against the Austrian Empire.  The prints first appeared as part of Charivari’s Actualités between February and July 1859, but then were reissued as a portfolio just on this topic.