David H. Burr Maine 1835


David H. Burr. “Maine.” From A New Universal Atlas (1835). New York: Thomas Illman, 1835. 12 x 10 1/2. Engraving. Original hand color. Light stain at right, but overall very good condition.

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David H. Burr, who studied under Simeon DeWitt, first made his name as a cartographer when he issued the second American state atlas (of New York, 1829). During the 1830’s Burr served as topographer of the United States Post Office, and late in the decade he was appointed as the Geographer for the House of Representatives. This map of Maine was issued in the 1835 edition of Burr’s A New Universal Atlas. Maps from this atlas are scarce and they show both the care for which Burr is known and the excellent, up-to-date information that he had access to through his work connections in the Post Office. The topographical detail is fine, but of special interest is the careful depiction of counties, towns, and roads, all of which was necessary information for the Post Office. Also of note is the “Boundary Line as Claimed by Maine” shown extending above the map border at top. Burr’s maps are scarce and desirable.