David Low “The New Leicester Breed ‘Wether.’”


David Low “The New Leicester Breed ‘Wether.'” Print from The Breeds of the Domestic Animals of the British Islands. London: Longman, Orme, Brown, Green, and Longmans, 1842. Folio. Lithograph with original hand coloring. From drawings by W. Nicholson. Full margins. Very good condition.

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In the grand tradition of natural history prints, these images both delight the eye and inform the mind. Skillfully drafted, each animal appears in profile against a picturesque representation of its primary habitat. Clean, well-executed lithography shows off even fine details, like the texture of each animal’s fur coat. Original hand color enhances both the accuracy and the aesthetics of each print. To satisfy the curious viewer, average measurements are noted below titles. Though printed in German, this group of Säugetiere, or mammals, reaches far beyond western Europe to include species from parts of Africa and Asia alongside local animals. Beyond his language, little is known about artist J.L. Buchner, but his keen eye and skill place this series among finest educational and decorative natural history series of the early nineteenth century.