Decorative Fantasies Pl 11: Flowers & Insects


Habert-Dys. Plate 11. [Flowers & insects.]  From Fantaisies Décoratives. Paris: Librairie de l’Art, J. Rouam, éditeur, 29, Cité d’Antin, 1886. 12 x 8 3/4. Chine appliqué. Chromolithograph. Very good condition.

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A charming image from Monsieur Habert-Dys’ Fantaisies Decoratives. These attractive “fantasies” were designed as decorations for porcelain, furniture, fabrics, wallpapers and other such uses. Habert-Dys’ technique combined natural subjects with his own originality to create these decorative images which do not hark back to bygone eras and styles, but rather, were completely modern at the time. Shunning the banal, using colors in harmonious combinations and making full use of his powers of imagination and innovation, Habert-Dys compiled these singularly original, and decidedly nineteenth century motifs.