Disturnell Western Traveller


J. Disturnell. The Western Traveller: Embracing The Canal and Railroad Routes, From Albany and Troy to Buffalo and Niagara Falls. New York: J. Disturnell, 1844. 12mo. Original brown cloth. 90pp. Two wood engraved views and two maps of Niagara Falls. Some scattered spotting, but generally very good condition.

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A detailed guide for the traveler crossing New York from Albany and Troy to Buffalo or Niagara Falls. With the opening of the Erie Canal in 1825, the route up the Mohawk River valley and across New York State to Lake Erie opened up the mid-west to residents of the East Coast as well as numerous emigrants from Europe. Large numbers of tourists visiting Niagara Falls and people moving to the golden lands of the mid-west crossed New York State first by the canal, and soon by the railroads that came to dominate the interior transportation of the United States by mid-century. This guide was for all those travelers, giving detailed descriptions of the sites of interest along this route. A wonderful slice of important American history.