Dussieux United States 1856


Louis Dussieux. “Carte des Etat-Unis.” Paris: L. Dussieux, 1856. Lithograph. Original outline color. 11 x 15 1/4. Very good condition.

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A quite unusual map of the United States showing the country’s political divisions just after the Kansas-Nebraska Act (1854), though with one interesting error! With that act, the lands north of the 37th parallel, between the continental divide and Missouri and the Missouri River, were divided into two territories, Kansas and Nebraska. Up to this time that region had been part of the Indian Territories, which after the act were left consisting of only what later became the state of Oklahoma. What Dussieux has done on this map, however, is to give Kansas all the lands in the Indian Territory south of Nebraska, thus making what is now Oklahoma part of Kansas! This was never the case, but the Act of 1854 confused many Americans, so it is not surprising it also confused this French cartographer. Besides this interesting error, the borders in 1856 are accurate and, though somewhat spare, his topography is also correct.