Emmons “Autumn Strawberry & Jonathan.” [apples]


Ebenezer Emmons “Plate 25. “Autumn Strawberry & Jonathan.” [apples]” From Natural History of New York. Part V, Volume 3. Albany, 1851. Quarto. Steel engravings by R. H. Pease; Lithographs by G. W. Endicott and Pease. Original hand color. Very good condition.

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A series of beautifully crafted images of fruit grown in New York State from a report on the agriculture of the state by Ebenezer Emmons (1799-1863). Emmons is best known as a geologist, which is how he became involved with a series of studies on New York State natural history, but he also made great contributions to agricultural science. Emmons made the drawings for these plates himself, and they are not only scientifically accurate, but also of considerable aesthetic value. The precise detail, expert lithography, and rich hand color make these among the most attractive mid-nineteenth century American fruit prints.