Elizabeth Lentz “Looking Toward Middlebury.”


Elizabeth Lentz. “Looking Toward Middlebury.” 4 3/4 x 6 3/4. Etching. Signed in pencil, “Elizabeth Lentz.” Excellent condition.

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Elizabeth Lentz (b. 1900) is probably best known as the wife of Earle Horter.  She planned her own obscurity because she promoted him and his work throughout difficult times.  In her own right, though, she was a fine painter, illustrator, teacher and print maker.  Because she did little to promote her own work, it is difficult to date her prints and paintings precisely; however, it is said that after Earl Horter’s death, she signed her work with her maiden name, Elizabeth Lentz.  Well-executed and designed, her prints are found in the mediums of etching, lithography and woodblock.