F.C. Turner’s ‘Battue Shooting’


Francis C. Turner.  “Battue Shooting.”  London: William Spooner, 1840.  Aquatint by G.A. Tuner.  16 1/2 x 22.  Original hand color.  Very good condition.

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Although little is known about the personal life of Francis Calcraft Turner, the quantity and quality of his work put him very high on the list of English sporting artists of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.  Turner, ca. 1795 to ca. 1846, exhibited at the Royal Academy for the first time in 1817 and he created numerous series of horse racing and hunting prints.    This shows a “battue hunt.”  As described in 1858, a battue “is a general gathering of bush beaters and gunners, usually of the higher orders, when a very large preserve is overrun with game.  In such case the owner invites his friends, and perhaps his tenants, to a grant battue or attack.”  In this battue, the hunters are shooting peasants and rabbits.