Fau’s Atlas de l’Anatomie: shoulders


Shoulders.  Plate 18 from Dr. J. Fau’s Atlas de l’Anatomie des Formes du Corps Humain a l’usage des Peintres et des Sculteurs.”  Paris:  Méquignon-Marvis & Germer Baillière, 1866.  Ca. 12 x 8.  Lithograph by Lemercier.  Original hand color.  Very good condition.



A lovely print from a set of detailed lithographs from a rare French work of anatomical prints intended for the use of sculptors and painters.   The prints, produced with careful lithography and beautiful hand color, show some full figures, as well as parts of the human body so that artists could study the structure of the human body for their art work.  Many of the plates show the bone structure, muscles and even nerve networks.  An unusual combination of science and art.