Finley Missouri 1830


Anthony Finley.  “Missouri.”  From A New General Atlas.  Philadelphia: A. Finley, 1830.  11 1/4 x 8 3/4.  Engraving by Young & Delleker.  Original hand coloring.  Minor stains in margins.  Very good condition.

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In the third decade of the nineteenth century, Anthony Finley produced a series of fine atlases in the then leading American cartographic center, Philadelphia.  Finley’s work is a good example of the quality that American publishers were beginning to obtain in the early years of the century.  He was very concerned to depict as up-to-date information as was possible, and thus his map presents an accurate picture of the state in 1830.  Note that the western border is a straight line, as this map was issued before the 1837 Platte Purchase.  This map is elegantly presented, with crisp and clear engraving and very attractive pastel hand shading.  Towns, rivers, and political divisions are indicated, and the bright color makes this map as attractive as it is informative.