French naval victory over the Dutch


Nodet. “Conquête de la Flotte Hollandaise sur la Glace le 25 Nivose An 3 (14 Janvier 1795)” Paris: Chez Jean, ca. 1795. Engraving by Le Beau. 13 3/8 x 19. Repaired tear just to image at left; small area with paper skinned on verso, but front surface intact. Very good condition.

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A wonderful contemporary French print of a great victory by the Revolutionary Army over the Dutch Republic. In the late 18th century, the Stadtholders of the United Provinces were opposed by the democratically inclined “Patriotic” party. The Patriotic forces gained control for a while, but then the King of Prussia restored the Stadtholders to power. When the French Revolution broke out, France was able to conquer and annex the Southern Netherlands (now Belgium) and then moved against the United Provinces. Dutch power resided primarily in their unequalled fleet, but an extraordinarily cold winter ended up immobilizing their ships in ice, allowing the French army to attack across the frozen waters and conclusively defeat the Dutch. The French set up the Patriotic party in power, establishing the Batavian Republic along the model of the French Republic. This excellent contemporary French print shows this unusual and important battle.