Galletti Africa 1818


Johann Georg August Galletti.  “Africa.”  From Allgemeine Weltkunde, oder Geographisch-statistisch-historische Übersichtsblätter aller Länder.  Leipzig und Perth: Konrad A. Hartleben, 1818.  8 x 9 3/4.  Engraving.  Original outline color.  Very good condition.

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An unusual antique map of Africa from 1818 by Johann Galletti (1750-1828).  Galletti was a German cartographic publisher of a number of atlases from about 1807 to 1859.  The maps by Galletti are—typically of the German mapmakers—filled with precise detail of topography, rivers, lakes, town and cities.  The map was issued at a period of increased interest in the “dark continent” and this map shows the state of knowledge at the time.  Some “nations” are indicated with outline color, including Abyssinia, “Hottentotend,” and the Congo.  The routes of various explorers are shown and identified in a key in the bottom right corner.  Two other things are of particular note.  First are the various trade routes shown crisscrossing the northern part of the continent, and second is the appearance of “Marawi See,” which would seem to be an indication of Lake Malawi, which hadn’t yet been discovered by Europeans!