Galletti South America 1818


Johann Georg August Galletti.  “Sud America.”  From Allgemeine Weltkunde, oder Geographisch-statistisch-historische Übersichtsblätter aller Länder.  Leipzig und Perth: Konrad A. Hartleben, 1818.  8 x 9 3/4.  Engraving.  Original outline color.  Very good condition.

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An unusual map of South America from 1818 by Johann Galletti (1750-1828).  Galletti was a German cartographic publisher of a number of atlases from about 1807 to 1859.  The maps by Galletti are—typically of the German mapmakers—filled with precise detail of topography, rivers, lakes, town and cities.  The original outline color does not really follow the engraved information, though it does show most major countries.  Interestingly, it shows Lake Parima, a remnant of the old myth of El Dorado.