General Wm. T. Sherman


Max Rosenthal. “Maj. Gen. Wm. T. Sherman.” Philadelphia: William Smith, 1865. Lithograph by L.N. Rosenthal. 28 3/4 x 22 1/2 (full sheet). Excellent condition.

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A large and bold half portrait of William Tecumseh Sherman (1820-1891) in uniform and surrounded by accoutrements of war. After Grant he was the most successful of the Union generals due to his Atlanta Campaign, the March to the Sea, and finally the Carolina Campaign. As commander of military operations in the West he accepted the surrender of Joseph E. Johnston on 26 April 1865, soon afterward, this print was published. Seeing Sherman during the last weeks of the war Theodore Lyman described him as “the concentrated quintessence of Yankeedom . . . tall, spare, and sinewy, with a very long neck and big head . . . all his features express determination particularly the mouth.” Many historians consider Sherman the best military leader of the war. The portrait was drawn by Max Rosenthal, a Russian emigrant who followed the Army of the Potomac and drew many Civil War scenes.