Gentleman’s Magazine Amherst’s Expedition Montreal 1760


“A Particular Map, to Illustrate Gen. Amherst’s Expedition, to Montreal, with a Plan of the Town & Draught of ye Island.” From Gentleman’s Magazine. London, October 1760. 7 x 9. Engraving by J. Gibson. Very good condition.

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By the middle of the eighteenth century, a number of monthly magazines were being published in London. These magazines informed their readers on a variety of subjects, including natural history, topography, sports, and of course current affairs. The British public was fascinated by the events of the war with France and so there was great demand for up-to-date information, especially related to the American theater of battle. The British magazines met this demand with articles and illustrations which they rushed into print as soon as the details became available to them. The following maps appeared in contemporary magazines published in London between 1758 and 1762. These are among the most current illustrations of the events of the French & Indian War which are available to us today.

This map illustrates the expedition led by General Lord Jeffrey Amherst against the French at Montreal in 1760, which led to the surrender of the city in September of that year. It shows the region along and south of the St. Lawrence River extending from Quebec to the Thousand Islands, and then around Lake Ontario and to the Niagara River. Forts, Indian tribes, rivers, portages, and other such information is clearly presented. Also included are insets of Montreal Island and of the city itself, indicating its major streets, buildings, and the surrounding fortifications.