Geologic Atlas of the U. S., Llano-Burnet, Texas, Illustrations


“Illustrations.”   From Geologic Atlas of the United States, Llano-Burnet, Texas. (Folio 183).  Engraved and printed by the U. S. Geological Survey, 1912. Cerograph. 17 x 14 1/2. Very good condition.

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Originally published by the U.S. Geological Survey between 1894 and 1945, the 227 folio maps comprising the Geologic Atlas reveal, with pleasing detail, the diversity of our country’s landscapes, ranging from the well-established Northeast to the wilds of the Western mountains. Many of the features exposed, including bodies of water, undeveloped lands, mining sites, rural towns, and local cemeteries, no longer exist or have changed considerably, providing a precious view of places lost to time or nature.