George Morland Country Girl pair


George Morland.  “The Country Girl at Home” and “The Country Girl in London.”  London: Emmanuel Matthias Diemar, 1792.   Each 14 x 9 5/8.  Aquatint and etching by Maria Catharina Prestel.  Original hand color.  Very good condition.  Framed with archival materials.

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Famous for his mastery of sentimental, rustic genre subject matter, George Morland was a prolific painter who produced much material for contemporary printmakers.  Born in London, he would spend most of his life in and around the city, living hard and painting hard.  It was, perhaps, with tongue-in-cheek that the reckless Morland produced such moral images as this pair, which warns against the corrupting urban influences on innocent country girls.  Echoing conservative tones common to Morland’s work, they were made when the artist was living in debt and one step ahead of those who would collect it.  Though his sincerity may be in question, one cannot doubt the skill of Morland’s composition nor the competence of engraver M. C. Prestel, who capably translated the artist’s painting to these fine aquatints.