Ruscelli Persia 1574


Girolamo Ruscelli. “Persia Nuova Tabula.” Venice: Giordano Ziletti, [1561]-1574. 7 x 9 3/4. Engraving. Several small perforations along center fold. Else, very good condition.

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An impressive map of Persia early in the reign of Shah Abbas I (1571-1629). The Safavid dynasty had unified the Iranian plateau and brought the region back to a period of influence and wealth. It reached its height under Shah Abbas I, who developed contacts with Europe and made his capital, Isfahan, into one of the great cities of the world. Many nations had envoys in Abbas’ court and foreign trade prospered under his reign, so a map of Persia would have been of great interest to Europeans when this map was issued. It shows a basic outline of the rivers, lakes and mountains of Persia and the surrounding lands, and also lists the major settlements throughout the region.