GLO North Dakota 1906


M. Hendges.  “Map of the State of North Dakota.”  Washington, D.C.: GLO, [1903]-Dec. 19, 1906.  Photo-lithograph by Andrew B. Graham Co., printed in color.  13 x 17.  Very good condition.

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A very detailed map of the state of North Dakota by the U.S. General Land Office. The GLO was established in 1812 with responsibility to survey and control the dispersal of public lands.  All public land was required to be surveyed prior to settlement, and the first director of the GLO, Thomas Hutchins, set up a systematic process of rectangular survey for the public lands and launched the great national project to survey and map the public domain in the entire country.  Each surveyor was to record not only geography, but also features of the landscape with economic import, such as roads, railroads, settlements, forest reserves and mineral deposits.  The GLO mapping of the country continued into the twentieth century, where the economic factors became even more important, as demonstrated on this map which was updated to December 1906 by M.R. Campbell, the “Geologist in charge, Economic Geology of Fuels, who added information on coat, both known and probable.   Also of note are the Indian reservations of the state.