Goodrich’s The World as it Is. With map


S. G. Goodrich. The World as it Is, and as it Has Been; or, a Comprehensive Geography and History Ancient and Modern. New York: J.H. Colton, 1855. Quarto. [2]-272 pp., plus 6 pp. catalog of J.H. Colton & Company. Folding lithographed map in back plus 78 wood engraved maps (table of wp-contents calls for a map of Montreal on page 144, but no map is on that page) and 197 wood engraved images. Original boards with new spine in antique style. Pages brown and brittle, but easily readable and complete. Sabin: 27894, also lists an edition for 1860.

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A fascinating study of the world as seen by people in the United States in 1855; pages 25 to 174 are devoted to America. This is a scarce book due to the inferior paper used as evidenced by some few tears in the pages. Also, the handsome folding map in the back would have survived in very few copies. The map is by J. H. Colton “The United States of America 1856” (14 x 23) which shows the nation’s political configuration just after the Compromise of 1850 and the Kansas-Nebraska act of 1854. The former act established California as a state and set up the Utah and New Mexico territories between the new state and the Rocky Mountains.