GPO Indian Reservations 1885


“Map Showing the Location of the Indian Reservations within the Limits of the United States and Territories, Compiled from Official and other Authentic Sources. Under the Direction of the Hon. John D. C. Atkins, Commissioner of Indian Affairs.” Washington: GPO, 1885. 21 x 33 1/2. Lithograph by N. Peters: Washington, D. C.. Folding map. Paul Brodie, Draughtsman. Expertly done repairs include minor separations at a few folds, and one tear in upper left panel.

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A marvelous depiction of the lands allotted by treaty to the various tribes as of 1885. This map was published in the Annual Report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs to the Secretary of the Interior for that year. The use of the contrasting color makes very quickly evident that the vast majority of the tribes were restricted to the western U. S. at this time. The ongoing questions of the division of Oklahoma/Indian Territory, or ultimate statehood, were foremost in many minds. This concern is, perhaps, part of the reason for such careful mapping of this area, including an inset of the Northeast corner at the bottom of the map. Another inset shows a detail of the Mission Reservation in California. Another rarity is the clear placement of the various Indian agencies and military stations along with the more usual town and railroad indications.